Proliferation by Marcus Hammerschmitt

The story we are going to tell, is one of beauty and haunting romance.  Imagery taken, a page from the past and presented in a dark new light.  Soft focus creates a distorted reality, a dream from long ago age.  There is a brief moment, a time that hangs in the balance of light and exposure. This story is told through the lens of a Pictorial photographer.

Pictorial photography was popular in the late 19th century to early 20th century.  It is a genre that can be described as dreamy and out of focus.   Photographers create images that use many different colors like blue and sepia, along with applying brush strokes directly on the image, almost giving it a painterly effect.

For us, in this moment, pictorial images dismantle our perception of reality and conjure up visual delights.  Take your time getting acquainted with these cool JPG pictorial shots.  Who knows you may find yourself bewitched.


Were you delighted?  Do you think you can create images like these?  We think so too, and are excited to see your interpretation of the pictorial photograph.  Upload and share your masterpieces!  There a so many more JPG pictorial shots just begging to be put into a collection too.  So start one today or post your bewitched photos in our Pictorial challenge theme!

A Dream Come True