Raindrops and Late Capital Indulgence

Melting down urbane by Suman Nath

No matter how critical I might be about the late capital existence, I won’t deny the fact that it’s wonderful to see outside in the middle of a rainy day from a built-in-space, that too when empty. Drenched in a rain, a cup of Darjeeling tea and some time alone in the middle of a coffee shop is a chance to indulge late capital self to explore the details of civilization.

The shop happens to be empty, only a person waiting at one corner, a gang of college friends carrying engineer’s hallmark ‘T scale’ and a wonderful couple looking at each other! The outside is melting down through the glass panels. Once and all none of them are involved in their mobile phones, weather does wonder.

Suddenly, there is Bryan Adams ‘Rescue me’ followed by ‘have you really loved a woman’.

What if the rain drops are coming from all the rivers I fell in love with, what if they have come to make love with the space, always meant for love – friendship- companionship. When rain comes so does the wind to make the drenching complete, to make the melting worth melt for.

The Camera sometimes do feel love is often about the space and moments – all equalizing raindrops from all the rivers make it even more prominent – more liveable.