Snow in Autumn

A mix of fall and winter by Andrea Petersen

Our first snow this fall started on October 27th and we still had frost on the trees by the next day… Then we had a welcome break between without snow until the next storm on November 1st that gave us a total of four inches.

I lifted a Zinnia out of the frozen ground on October 28th that still had brilliant color left on its petals while the other flowers had frozen stiff and turned brown. Also found where snow had formed a heart covering o’er one Hosta leaf in front of our house. Nature is amazing!


I admire the wild birds who make the best of any situation even when they are faced with cold weather in autumn! On November 1st the snow came down faster than I could scrape off their feeder but some of them dug under the snow anyway to find their seeds.

Although we haven’t seen the sun appear for several days and it has remained cold, the good news is that we are expecting sun to shine all next week with the return of our fall weather hopefully until winter officially begins:)