Soothing Lavender

Lave by Viola De

Breathe in slowly, now, exhale slowly… repeat three times.  Breathing is a very important part of life, but, taking just a bit more time in your day to close your eyes and draw in some extra oxygen will have wonderful effects on your body.  Deep breathing techniques help clear the body of toxins, clarify the mind and relieve stress.

It seems that every day there are new products on the market, joining tried and true medicines and home remedies, all advertised to calm our stressful minds and soothe us into a restful sleep. Throughout time, generations of  people from cultures around the world have also carried the traditions of many varied natural remedies that help promote health and healing in our tired bodies.

Lavender is a home remedy that is a very powerful and useful herb.  Yes, when you breathe slowly it is relaxing, but, adding some lavender may be just the ticket to a tranquil breathing session.  To some, the smell of lavender is so soothing, that in moments they will fall asleep.  This purple herb can be used for many other things too, like, calming itchy skin or treating acne.  It has even been shown to lower heart rate and blood pressure, and it can also be used to fight dandruff.  Lavender can be dried and used in tea or foods for an extra boost to your inner health as well.  Lavender can be bought in many forms like oils, lotions, candles, dried, and the list goes on!

Take a slow and quiet look at the purple sea of soothing lavender below, captured all by our JPG members.


Feeling a bit more relaxed or…. did you nod off for a bit?  We don’t blame you!  Lavender is soothing just to look at.  You may not be lucky enough to live by a lavender field, but there are so many ways to capture this beautiful herb, just think out of the box.  Make sure you upload and share your images so we all may bask away in your tranquil images!  There are so many more purple fresh shots to be found, so, start a collection of your favorites and share!