Special Delivery

My first maternity shoot by Vin Weathermon

Life is beautiful.  Creating life is amazing.  Dreaming the days away with thoughts of a growing family or even what color the nursery will be, is a pretty easy thing to get caught up in. However, the road to delivery is not all laughs and sweet tears of joy, there are truly tough times ahead of that due date.  The uncomfortable changes that a woman’s body goes through alone would fill this page, but then again, this is a different article altogether.  Mothers want to forget all the negative, uncomfortable, painful times of pregnancy, but, still be able to look back at their nine months and remember the beauty, triumph and sheer awe of those moments.

A session with a photographer can be just the ticket.  Maternity pictures are a perfect way of recording such a amazing time in a mother’s life.  These photo sessions are not easy or comfortable to all, and on occasion there have been baby bumps captured at all the wrong angles.  It is best to do a bit of internet research, hire a trustworthy photographer and make out a shot list for every look you want. This will help the photographer make the most of the photo session.  Will these photos be indoor or out among the trees or on the beach?   Depending on the desired location it is very important to dress accordingly.  Finding the perfect outfit may seem silly, but, it can really make or break the shot.  All there is left to do is to have fun, trust the photographer and let him or her capture the vulnerability, strength, grace and love of motherhood.

Take a look at these breath taking images below from our amazing JPG photographers.


Do you know anyone that is expecting?  If you do, take this moment to practice or gift them with some amazing maternity pictures that they will cherish forever.  Get creative and capture new moments and angles or stick with the tried and true examples, it is up to you!  Make sure you upload and share with all of us here at JPG.  There are so many more belly shots throughout JPG, waiting to be liked, favored, commented on or saved in a personal “special delivery” collection!

We are expecting great images and know they will be delivered!