Tangerines and Popsicle Dreams

Tangerine by Erika Yamaguchi

Summer is almost at it’s end, bringing in colors of change like copper, amber and red.  Soon, the wind will rustle the fallen dried leaves and the nip in the air will bite through the tightest of scarves and mittens.  When fall approaches, Orange and all it’s hues won’t be just in the trees and on the ground.  Orange will be everywhere, from jack o’lanterns, to hunting gear, and even at the nearest coffee shop advertising that comforting “Pumpkin Latte” that we all love.

Although the many sounds, sights, and tastes of fall are just around the corner, August is still here and Orange in August is FUN! Fruits are juicy and ripe,  fashion is bold and energetic, and the flowers are full and bright with colors.  Take a look at the images below for a fresh look on Orange!



So get out and enjoy the rest of your August and capture all the many brilliant hues of Orange.  Or start your very own collection of these fresh hues to share with everyone here at JPG!

Can’t wait to see your bold colors!