Taos, New Mexico (and environs)

Double Rainbow by Dan Cassidy

What city do you live in? What neighborhood?

I live in Arroyo Seco, a small village 10 miles north of Taos, New Mexico. 7750 feet above sea level, the air is pretty thin up here, I think that the lack of oxygen makes for some interesting people.

What are some adjectives that describe your neighborhood?

Rural, artistic, scenic, surprising, cool, historic.

How long have you lived there, and what brought you there?

I have lived here for 4 years. I moved here because I just kept on ending up here whether I planned to or not.


What is your favorite thing about this place? Your least favorite?

The mountain is omnipresent, it looms over you wherever you are and is a welcoming sight as you drive home from a long trip.
Mud season can be a pain when all the snow melts. the 3 hour drive to the airport can prevent people visiting, so that might be a plus too.

Do you feel that you belong there?

Yes, more and more every day.

What is the most common misconception about where you live?

Surprisingly, quite a few people do not realize that New Mexico is part of the United States. I have been asked, too many times to count, to fill out customs forms when I ship things to myself from other states.

What is a special fact about your city that you have to live there to know?

I can’t tell you that only the locals know about it. I will tell you that there is no blinking light at the blinking light crossroads (there hasn’t been one there for many years) but people will still tell you to turn at the blinking light.

What aspect of your city do you secretly love?

three cultures living together in relative harmony.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Yes it does snow here, thats why we have a ski resort.