The Abandoned Church

Abandoned Church Front: Floydville by Scot Terban


The only directions were “It’s one click from the old train station” and I was intrigued. Of course I have been URBEX‘ing since the late 80’s and I was not about to pass this one up due to vague directions.

I got an approximate location on some other blogs and then began the process of using Google Maps to get some satellite photos of the region to see if I could locate the church that way. I was in luck because shortly after starting the search I found it because the satellite photo had been taken when the trees had no leaves.

I drove to the trail head and began the one click trek. It was hot, the June bugs were singing, and soon I began to perspire with the camera equipment in the pack on my back. Soon though I came upon the old church. Set back a bit from the tracks, I can see in my minds eye when it wasn’t a ruin and on any given Sunday at about this time parishioners would be singing as the train clattered past.

I approached the front and carefully crept up and into the church. The smell of leaves and rot hit my nose as I warily made my way inside taking photos as I went, insuring that the ISO was 3200 to 6400. Setting up a tripod I thought, would be dangerous in this place as the last step I took caused a sickening rotten groan beneath my foot.

I made my way through the church, photographing the pews and the lectern holding my breath to strain to hear any possible weak spots giving way, I could imagine falling into the dark root cellar style basement and the trouble that would ensue. Dark flashes of scenes from The Blair Witch come to mind as I creep around hoping not to fall through.

Having captured the images I could, for the church is in fact quite small, I made my way out and back onto the trail. I made my way slowly back to the car and headed home glad that I had taken this excursion. Sad that the place is in disrepair but it did make a fine URBEX expedition.