The Edge

Mountain hike in Iceland, my homeplace by bernhardur gudmundsson

Life is full unexpected twists and turns for everyone.  Some choose to embrace an adrenaline filled life beyond the wildest imagination.  These skilled thrill seekers can be found exploring many places and crevices around our beautiful earth.  Some can be seen in the sky, feeling the resistance of the air, while free falling from a plane.  Others seek fresh powder among rocky giants jutting out to meet the horizon, and some get their kicks while exploring labyrinths of underwater caves.  There are so many ways to experience this dangerous and humbling world.

Why are these risk takers putting so much on the line?  Is the summit of adventure attainable, and if so, how sustainable is the reward?  Krystle Wright a known adventure photographer lives on the edge for her passion.  She states “her biggest fear is regret” and she pursues these adventures “because it makes her feel alive.”

Not everyone can push the envelope quite like the bold pathfinder, who forever adapts while living on the edge.  For the beginner enthusiast, spending a night in the woods or parasailing from an exotic beach location, can be first steps to finding your kind of excitement.  The “why” is different for everyone while searching for the next epic experience.  Some find solace in lone expedition, like the late  Fred Bechey, while, others forge lasting bonds with friends while trekking across the globe.  Self awareness, clarity and fortitude may be the common attributes among foragers of thrills.  And while base jumping may not be for everyone, we all can live vicariously and safely from our seats, thanks to Banff Mountain Film Festival.

Banff Mountain Film Festival showcases amazing athletes, daring explorers, conservationists, photographers like Krystle Wright and cinematographers all doing what they love, seeking their adventures.  Check out this year’s films finalists here.

Here is the trailer to Tsirku, a film finalist, just to whet your appetite and inspire your next adventure!


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