The story of Tong Setan

crowded by Nurian Raka

Tong Setan or Tong Stand  also know as “Devil’s Barrel” is one of the favorite attractions at the night carnival in in Klaten Central Java, Indonesia.  When visit my hometown in Klaten, near Solo and Yogyakarta, I like to stop by the night carnival to watch the Tong Setan. The event is an extreme motorcycle stunt which takes place inside large drum.

The cost for spectators to attend is 8.000 IDR or equal to $0.50 cent.  Before the show starts the riders perform all the necessary safety checks.   When the show begins, the rider climbs the motorcycle high up on the drum near the audience.  As the rider circles the drum the audience drops money into the drum as a customary way to solicit for the rider (sometimes multiple riders) to perform dangerous stunts, such as riding with no hands.

The Tong Stand is managed by the Berkah Ria who is also the main management of the night carnival.  The Berkah Ria gets 100.000 IDR (10 SGD ) by doing a single show.

When I was younger, my father often took me to the night festival with him to see the Tong Stand show.  These events were a huge part of my childhood memory.