The Empty Chair

Regardless of where you "sit" in the political road you can't deny the empty chair has certainly got many of us talking.

Take a seat.

An empty chair has long been a favorite subject for photographers. Each of us can read something into a chair sitting empty. Unused, abandoned, alone, poetic, inviting, and beautiful, are all adjectives used to describe lonely, colorful, straight-back and padded chairs.

This last week the empty chair took on a whole new personality with the rambling speech / performance by Clint Eastwood at the Republican National Convention. It was only a matter of hours before the meme’s and #emptychair started to pop up everywhere online. These clever meme’s have been called “Eastwooding” or the “invisible Obama”. The political pundits took sides. The right even rallied by creating a facebook page for “National Empty Chair Day.” Many fans of Mr. Eastwood defended him while others did not.

Clint Eastwood talks to the empty chair by Mickey Osterreicher

Regardless of where you “sit” in the road you can’t deny the “empty chair” has certainly got many of us talking.

chair by debu purkayastha

So with all the conversations about the empty chair, we decided to pull some of our favorite empty chair photos.

The Today Show “Empty chairs” at the DNC by Mickey Osterreicher

green chair by Kevin Brannaman

Reading to The Red Chair by Brendan Kelly 

The Chair by Scott Milam 

    Chair by Jean-François Dupuis 

chair by Peipen 

a chair for me !!! by Carla Martinez 

Chairs by Doug Thompson 

Chair by jaume Morera Barreda

The White Chair by David Verlic 

avianca chair by Carlos Bohorquez Nassar 

Poppies and Chair by Andrew McKay 

Eve’s Garden Chairs by Tim Murphy

I have my own empty chair to share, like so many other photographers I can’t walk past an empty chair or its shadow, without making an image.
Musical Chairs by Cathaleen Curtiss

Take a look around you, is there an empty chair waiting to be exposed? We would love to see it.