The Woman in Red

Power. Intelligence. Sensuality. Mystery.

The woman in red…. Is she smart? Confident? Sexy? Or is this woman in red evil?

What we see in pop culture, the cinema, and literature, has us examining the meaning of red and the intention when a woman is dressed or surrounded by the color red.  The woman may feel sexy or confident when wearing this color that exudes health, power and vitality, but, is it coming across to the audience as something else?  In storytelling, whether novels or movies, the symbolizing of a color is to be expected.  You see this in a story like The Scarlet Letter which reveals the sin of adultery through the color red.   In the book Ethan Frome, the character Mattie often wears red signifying her good health and vitality which differentiates her from the other characters.  In the new “Evil Dead” reboot, the red dress that actress Jane Levy wears solidifies the creepiness in the film.  

Take a look at the red in these JPG contributor photos.  What do these women exude for you?

Sierra by Melissa Alicia Cavero

her name was november (2) by Irene Armesto

Splashing by D B

Faith by aubrey marvin

Angie in red velvet by Aloha Lavina

The Red Dress by Dee Jones

Red dress by Alina Andrei

Entwined by Alicia Savage

Untitled by Caitlin Bellah

Fire by Maria Ivanova

Dark Angel by sergei pyuro

Amanda in RED by Prashant Joshi

Untitled by Abbie Warnock

 Power. Intelligence. Sensuality. Mystery.  All these words can describe a woman in red.  What is your take on this powerful color?  Get out, grab a model and dress her in red, create some stunning images.  Upload these images to the site and post the links to the comment area below.  There are so many more stunning women in red throughout the JPG site, please put a collection together and share the link with us!

Show us your vitality … or your mysterious side!

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