This Side of Bizarre

Offspring of a divergent love by Zefram

Our world that we live in sometimes seems too real.  Debt collectors calling, rocky relationships, late nights and early mornings, the daily grind can drain even the most imaginative and optimistic mind.  However, thanks to artists, like photographers, we can escape even for the briefest of moments and immerse ourselves into their world.  Nature photos can be soothing for the busy, cluttered mind and city skylines at night are exciting for a bored, tired soul.  Landscapes are nice, beautiful really, but, animal and baby portraiture can melt the hardest of hearts.  But, maybe the cute and cuddly is just too mild.  If so, start the ignition with some scantly clad pin-up photos.  So, as you can see, there is an image for everyone and a dream to live.

Some photographers like to take it one step further and turn reality upside down.  These inventive photographers create images that viewers are either delighted by, or put off by, or simply just left there standing in place scratching their head and mutteringWTF???  Images with subject matter that is hard to understand can be amazing and it is just another way to look at the world around us.  So, before you wander off in search of tangible ideas, linger a bit longer and see if you can decipher the hidden meaning of a few of this week’s chosen images, or even let yourself get lost in someone else’s imagination.

Enjoy these hard to understand but, truly unique JPG images below!



The Doors had it right “People are Strange,” but, inventive!   Do you like odd or strange images?  We would like to invite you to submit to WTF Photo Challenge and show us your imaginative world.   Do you already have favorite(s) JPG images of the odd and fantastic, then start your own WTF Collection.

FWIW, “Wierd = Cool