Tips on Car Photography

Low by Harry Swank

Many of you may know that we’ve launched a Planes, Trains and Automobiles photo contest, (no there is not a relation to Steve Martin and John Candy’s hilarious 1987 film with the same name).   We thought it would be fun to brush up on shooting automobiles by showcasing this cool video by Chris Hau.  In this video Chris highlights a handful of ways to better your auto shots.  Chris Hau has worked with companies like Mercedes Benz and Toyota so we believe he knows what he’s talking about.

Chris starts the video off by talking about his favorite car angles from capturing a car from front left one fourth, front left three fourths to then moving to the front of the vehicle.  He manages to make it full circle around the vehicle photographing his 1998 Mercedes Benz C230 in sleek well lit shots.  He mentions a helpful tip that you should turn the wheel so that the rim always faces the photographer for a more compelling shot.

Capturing a vehicle in action is another great way to add varying images to your auto angle repertoire.  Chris demonstrates the art of panning and how fast you should drive for an optimal shot.  Grab a buddy, a second car and go for a drive.  And remember “SAFETY FIRST!”

Chris also warns to be wary of reflections, for they can be found everywhere on the surface of a car.  He explains that using a polarizing lens is very beneficial in reducing the amount of reflections, but make sure you adjust your camera settings when using one.

Chris also reminds us about composition, “even though it seems obvious.”  Get low in your shots or “bust out a ladder” to get a new perspective to shoot from!  Always change it up and “trust your eye.”

Sleek lines, high velocity chrome can all be captured by following these simple steps and will make your auto imagery a dream to look at!