Whipped Up

Mistress of Cakes... by Kurien Yohannan

Mmm… cupcakes!  What amazing little delightful treats!  Cupcakes seem to be everywhere!  Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram to name a few.  Do you find it “oddly satisfying” to see a cupcake decorated?  Us too!  Not to mention how hungry we get when we see all the tasty cupcake photography!  We love that designer and gourmet cupcakes have become so popular!  Have you seen all the TV shows that are based around cupcakes, like Cupcake WarsDC Cupcakesand The Cupcake Girls?  These shows are all a very delicious way to get baking inspired! There seem to be endless ways to decorate, flavor and serve these hand size desserts.

Why have cupcakes gained so much popularity in recent years?  Is it because they are so easy to make, take less time and are amazing?  Yes!  These little cakes are so fun, versatile, and when you’re at a party it’s as if you have your own personal treat.  Cupcakes seem to take less time to make and bake more consistent than cake.  So when you’re in need of a quick homemade sweet fix, it seems that cupcakes are the way to go.  However, with that said, we have seen a lot of cupcakes that look like a lot of thought and time was put in to making them.  But, that is what makes these little cakes so much fun!

Take a look at our tasty little treats from our JPG members!



Goodness!  Those cupcakes look so yummy!  Now it is your turn to capture a hand sized sweet treat!  Upload and share, so that we can drive our sweet tooth wild!

Bake up the sweetness!