Young Photographer to Watch

photo by John Launstein

At age 7 could you honestly say that you knew what you wanted to do in life, how about age 10?  Some of us are lucky to be born with a talent or an interest that is so strong it takes over our lives.  One young man from Alberta Canada is taking wildlife photography by storm and his name should be on your list of photographers to watch.  This young man’s name is Josiah Launstein, all of 13 years of age, he is winning awards that seasoned photographers desire.  Josiah said that at age 7 that is when he truly started getting serious about photography and it certainly helps that his father John and sister Jenaya have been gifted with the vision as well.

When Josiah was only 10, he became the youngest photographer to take home the 2014 Young Outdoor Photographer of the Year award, for his amazing black and white shot called “Big Horn Battle.”  Last year, he was awarded in Wildlife Photographer of the Year for his image “Raindrops” which he captured during a trip to Thailand, for the shooting of Nikon’s short film “I am More Than You Expect.” “Raindrops” was selected from around 50,000 submissions from 92 countries, so that’s definitely an award to be proud of and it was his 3rd time being awarded from this competition.  “Raindrops” will be on display at the Natural History Museum in the U.K. before going on its own world tour.  To top things off he has recently been named 2017 Young Outdoor Photographer of the Year. this is his second time at winning this award!  Way to go!



Travelling the world to be in films and capture wildlife all at the bright age of 13 is an incredible feat; as photographers, we applaud and watch in envy as this young photographer grows with every shutter click.  Josiah’s recent wins don’t seem to go too much to his head though, he loves the outdoors and finds relaxation while on his discovery hikes.  “The best part of being a wildlife photographer is being out in the wilderness and getting to spend time with all the kinds of animals.”  such a humbling statement from a budding visionary.