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Posted by David Ozanich — 21 Sep 2010


  • I came across a thoughtful rumination on the influential critic and curator John Szarkowski, author of ”The Photographer’s Eye” in the Guardian. Writes the author:

    It's three years to the month since John Szarkowski died: a good time to reappraise his role as a defining figure in photography, both in establishing it as an art form and in influencing the public's perception. Szarkowski was a good photographer, a great critic and an extraordinary curator. One could argue that he was the single most important force in American post-war photography.
  • While I was reading about John Szarkowski, I came across the Guardian’s Camera Club which offers monthly “assignments”. Currently they are looking for shots of housing and the winner gets a new Nikon. The photographer Alicia Canter has an instructive discussing methods for capturing architecture on film.
  • Calling all college kids! Popular Photography has news of a cool contest and photo festival.

    The little town of Bethlehem—Pennsylvania that is—will host an all-new photography festival the weekend of November 5 through 7, and if you're a photo student your work could be a part of it. Called InVision, the festival will take place at the Banana Factory, the town's main arts venue. It will feature slide talks by top shooters such as National Geographic's Nick Nichols and renowned fine-art photographer Larry Fink, a printing workshop by former U.N. chief photographer John Isaac, and portfolio reviews by Magnum photographer Alex Webb, plus a special evening event called "Magnum and Microbrews" in which participants will drink regionally-made beers while hobnobbing with photographers from that venerable photo agency. There will be several exhibitions during the event.

    The deadline for submissions is September 29th though. You can find the details for submitting here.

  • Since we're already talking about Pennsylvania, PDN has an interesting look at the new Levi’s campaign that focuses on working class “real people” in the rust belt town of Braddock, PA.

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