David LaChapelle's "American Jesus"

Posted by David Ozanich — 20 Sep 2010

I went up to Chelsea this past Friday to catch the latest David LaChapelle show “American Jesus” at the Paul Kasmin Gallery before it closed. While I wouldn’t exactly consider myself a huge fan of his photography, it always packs a mean visual punch. Admittedly, I bought his book “LaChapelle Land” back when I was in college and it remains entertaining lo these many years later. I found this particular show a little underwhelming and deliberatively provocative without ever quite adding up to anything especially powerful or thoughtful. Images of Michael Jackson dominated the works, though there was some room left over for Naomi Campbell to expose her right breast. (Thank goodness!)


Coinciding with this show was the release of his latest book “LaChapelle: Heaven to Hell”. It’s packed with photos exploding with celebrities, models and super-saturated color - his trademarks. Here’s a pretty neat behind-the-scenes video of the book’s cover shoot featuring the mercurial Courtney Love:

David LaChapelle: Heaven to Hell

David LaChapelle | MySpace Video

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