David Pogue Explains the New Sony Alpha A55

Posted by David Ozanich — 24 Sep 2010

David Pogue (aka “No Budget Dave”) of the New York Times has written a very informative piece on the new Sony Alpha A55. This wonder camera (which also takes video) does all sorts of neat things like refocusing while you are filming.

Sony’s A55 camera adopts a new spin on a decades-old photographic idea: the mirror is translucent. It splits light between the focusing sensor and the image sensor — all the time. The mirror never has to flip up to take a picture, so the autofocus never goes blind when you take a shot.

As a result, the camera can shoot an incredible 10 shots a second, refocusing all the way. Sony says no other camera in the world can do that.

He has a video explaining how it all works which for technophobes like myself is very helpful. He also has a slide show showing off both the camera and some sample shots.

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