Gallery Watch: Gregory Crewdson's "Sanctuary"

Posted by David Ozanich — 23 Sep 2010

One of my favorite photographers, Gregory Crewdson, is opening a new show at the Gagosian Gallery here in New York tonight. JPG has covered him before in the Noir Issue (#15). A professor of photography at Yale, Crewdson is known for two series of “tableaux vivants” (“Twilight” and “Beneath the Roses”) depicting dreamy suburban ennui in highly staged scenarios reminiscent of film stills (see below for examples). The gallery has this to say about his latest work:

In Sanctuary, Crewdson's focus on scenographic architecture as the principal subject underscores the illusory techniques that he has previously used to construct his scenes and actions. The series contains certain characteristics of a documentary film by which is exposed the hidden life of movies and their artifacts that remain once production has ceased. In several images the underlying structure of the fa├žades and scaffolding of decaying sets is exposed; in others, period buildings are framed by cobbled streets and open ground now overtaken by grasses and weeds; ruined statues, the odd graffiti on a wall, puddles of rain water, and other detritus further emphasize the eerie absence of life that these images convey, heightened by the ambient light of dawn and dusk. The intimate scale of the black-and-white photographs serves to further intensify the poignancy of each deserted scene.

They’ll be publishing a book, with a forward by film critic A.O. Scott, to accompany the show.

Gallery information is here. A reception with the artist starts at 6pm tonight. The show moves to the Gagosian Gallery in Rome in January 2011.

Gregory Crewdson at White Cube Susan Hiller at Timothy Taylor Gallery3.jpg

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