Karl Lagerfeld, Master Photographer

Posted by David Ozanich — 30 Sep 2010


If the Larry Clark show in Paris isn’t quite your speed, try checking out the Karl Lagerfeld show at the Maison EuropĂ©enne de la Photographie. 150 photographs taken by the fashion maestro are on view. The museum has this to say about the show:

The exhibition is in two parts: the first focuses on key themes in the photographer's career such as portraits, fashion, landscapes and architecture, while the second presents his and innovative experimental photographic printing work.


Karl himself has a few words about his process and relationship to photography:

“Today, photography is part of my life. It closes the circle of my artistic and professional concerns. I no longer see life without its vision. I look at the world and at fashion with the eye of the camera. This gives my basic work a critical detachment that helps more than I ever suspected.

I’m not particularly obsessed with my own past, but I have the odd impression that my success in fashion has intensified since I’ve been doing photography. I see a very positive and very creative relationship between the two professions. In both, I’ve always been helped by fantastic teams. A very good Couture workshop is indispensable for making technically impeccable gowns, while a perfect print on beautiful paper is also the result of a collective effort.”

You are also probably wondering what Karl’s “favourite material” is and so he happily obliges us with an answer:

“Paper is my favourite material; it is the departure point for a drawing, and the final result of a photograph.”

There you have it, folks. Details on visiting the exhibition are here. And if your next trip to France isn’t scheduled until after the show closes on October 31st (Halloween does seem an appropriate date, doesn’t it?) you can order the book.


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