Spotlight: The Sartorialist

Posted by David Ozanich — 14 Sep 2010


Scott Schuman is a self-taught photographer whose blog, The Sartorialist, has long been a favorite of stylish people. Much like Bill Cunningham, of whom I spoke yesterday, Schuman snaps pictures of everyday folk in the (somewhat rarefied) towns and cities he’s visiting like London, Milan, New York, Los Angeles, etc. His eye tends towards exactly what his moniker suggests - those with a specific style that has an appealing mix of creativity, balance, nerve, and humor. Salon described it this way:

The Sartorialist blog is an ever-evolving pictorial essay on the distinction between personal style and mere fashion. The former is a living, breathing element; the rest is just clothes.

What’s key here is that distinction. Cunningham is interested in spotting trends. Schuman is interested in capturing personality - what is being expressed by fashion, not the fashion itself. The result, according to Schuman, is a kind of found street art.

A particularly fascinating interview was conducted by Elvis Mitchell, the cinema studies writer, on his NPR show “The Treatment” in which they discuss both the blog and the resulting book. Seriously, it is well worth a listen.


And it looks like once Fashion Week’s wrapped up, Schuman is heading down to Dixie for a show of his work in Atlanta at the Hagedorn Foundation Gallery this weekend. He’ll be appearing in person on September 17th at 7pm. Put on your best outfits, Georgians!

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