Your Daily Photo Feed

Posted by David Ozanich — 29 Sep 2010


  • British photographers snap pictures of a rare pink hippopotamus in Kenya.

  • It’s a rare dame who has the cojones to admit to photo retouching but the irrepressible Liza Minnelli did just that. Page Six reports that at a party celebrating her new CD “Confessions” she held up the album cover and told the crowd "Have you ever seen so much retouching? But I look swell. Sometimes I even fool myself into thinking that I really look like that!"
  • custom_1285768655278_confessions.jpeg

  • Noted fashion critic Cathy Horyn narrates a slide show of Milan Fashion Week highlights. Spoiler alert! Lantern sleeves and jewel tones are in for Spring 2011.

  • Good news for Polaroid fans! The Impossible Project, a Dutch group, is manufacturing film for vintage Polaroid cameras. Reports PDN: “Polaroid stopped producing instant film in February 2008. In 2009, The Impossible Project signed an 10-year lease on Polaroid’s former factory in Enschede, Netherlands, and began developing new analog instant film packs with all new chemistry and components, the first of which premiered this past spring.”

  • The folks at PetaPixel deserve the credit for finding this, but its too good not to share. Look below at the original Adobe Photo Shoppe! Gordon Cieplak took the photo.


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