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Posted by David Ozanich — 30 Sep 2010


  • In Paris for the shows? T Magazine reports on what’s happening off the runways and in the museums. Larry Clark’s “Kiss the Past Hello” is a mix of his photography and film work at the Musée d’art Moderne de la Ville de Paris . Apparently the show is so sexy (one G-rated example above) that you have to be at least 18 years old to see it. That sure makes me want to go! It opens October 8th.

  • Yesterday I spoke about the excellent ”One in 8 Million” series and its recent Emmy win. The Lens blog has an illuminating interview with the photographer, Todd Heisler, and a couple of his cohorts.

  • Here in the United States it is Hispanic Heritage Month. (Who knew?) NPR is profiling photographers with “significant portfolios” each Friday on their Big Picture blog. First up was Martin Cohen, who made bongos and whatnot for the Latin Jazz musicians of New York in the 1960s after the embargo of Cuba shut down the traditional source of percussion instruments. NPR goes on to say:

    Cohen was also an amateur photographer. His relationship with the musicians as an instrument manufacturer also earned him unfettered access to shoot performances, rehearsals and jam sessions. His photo archive is an unheralded collection that rivals the work of jazz photographers like Francis Wolff, Roy DeCarava and Herman Leonard.

    You can find a slide show of his work and the rest of the article here.

  • If you’re doing a little interior decorating this Autumn, you might want to check out the Library of Congress’s duplication service which will print you a photo of your choice off the original negative from their vast collections. It costs on average about $40. Pop Photo has the details.

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