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Posted by David Ozanich — 15 Sep 2010


  • They’re talking ring flashes (rings flash?) and their uses in portraiture at PDN. “More important than the gear is the look it creates: intense, revealing illumination that's surprisingly flattering (and a bit surreal) because of the dramatic, shadowy halo behind the subject.”
  • Norman Rockwell an early adopter of Photoshop? The NY Post, previewing a new show in Brooklyn, writes:

    Often, he’d stage multiple photos for a given illustration — using as many as 100 photos for a single painting. In fact, Rockwell combined elements much like a photo editor uses Photoshop today.

    They describe the show:

    More than 100 pieces, mostly Saturday Evening Post covers from his 47-year career there, are displayed alongside photographs and study sketches detailing Rockwell’s process. In many images, you can actually spy the artist directing his models.

    The show opens November 19th at the Brooklyn Museum.

  • My favorite fashion critic Cathy Horyn narrates her review of the New York runways with this photo slide show.
  • And apropos of nothing, and as if you would need any more incentive to click the link, here’s a neat photo slide show from Life Magazine titled simply ”Vladimir Nabokov Hunts Butterflies”


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