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Posted by David Ozanich — 16 Sep 2010


  • Because I swear I’m not all about the coasts, the Cleveland Museum of Art is showing 40 prints by local photographer Andrew Borowiec:

    Akron photographer Andrew Borowiec’s reputation is founded on his insightful approach to documentary subjects rendered in beautifully printed black-and-white photographs. This exhibition features photographs of the Flats, a district near downtown Cleveland that was the historic epicenter of the city’s industrial might—a visually rich world of factories and warehouses, nearby neighborhoods where the labor force lived, and a twisting river crisscrossed by countless bridges and railroad tracks.

  • As per our discussion of street fashion photography the last couple days, here’s an interesting rumination from WNYC on how it affects the style we see on the runways and in stores.

    Street blogger Phil Oh, who runs the site, says his pictures of women in form-fitting men's clothes, men in ankle-length trousers and no socks, anyone who dares to wear brightly colored patterns or monochromatic neutrals can often become tools for trendy clothing stores.

  • CNET lists their picks of the best compact digital cameras of 2010.

  • Last Chance: ”Photo/Synthesis at the remarkable DeYoung Museum in San Francisco (OK, maybe I am obsessed with the coasts) closes October 3rd. It features works by heavy hitters like David Hockney and Ed Ruscha.

    Dating from the 1960s to the present, the works in this exhibition transcend the limitations of traditional photography in which the camera simply captures a unique view or a decisive moment in time. Breaking free of the conventional frame, they are instead the products of various methods of assembling and organizing multiple photographic images into larger artistic statements.


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