All That (Honda) Jazz!

Posted by David Ozanich — 8 Oct 2010


The number of Australians I see socially has recently increased dramatically. One of them sent me this groovy commercial from Down Under for the Honda Jazz. (Side note: Jazz is easily my favorite name for a car EVER.) Part of the “Imagination” campaign, it first aired in November of 2009, so this isn’t exactly breaking news, but I still thought this time-lapse video was worth a mention:

Pretty neat, right? Wondering how they did that, I found this behind-the-scenes article describing production:

The complex task of bringing 'Imagination' to life was entrusted to director Kris Moyes of Revolver Films. Known for his (award winning) direction of music videos for Wolfmother and Franz Ferdinand, Kris' work shows a playful mathematical aesthetic characterised by intensely colourful and ingenious animations.

The production process for the commercial was highly detailed. First, the technical team measured the interior of the Honda Jazz, calculating the total volume of the car to be equivalent to 1,469,333 Mega Bloks. Each object in the TVC was then designed using this full complement of blocks, and the commercial finally stitched together from 366 still photographs taken over 12 hours.

I like that they were so specific about just how many Mega Bloks fit inside a Jazz. Thank God for math! Thinking this Kris Moyes fellow was interesting, I checked out his website and particularly enjoyed this commercial for Cadbury. It’s not really photo-related but it’s cool so I thought I’d include it. And finally, just because its Friday, here’s a video of a girl dancing to “All That Jazz” at the Hall of Fame Dance Competition:

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