Book Report: "Herb Ritts: The Golden Hour"

Posted by David Ozanich — 18 Oct 2010


While reading about new trends in men’s fashion this weekend I came across this quote about the photographer Herb Ritts:

Is it entirely a coincidence that Mr. Ritts himself is enjoying a posthumous revival? A new volume from Rizzoli celebrates his work as a photographer and equally the Amazons and Olympians he memorialized in his career. The sort of ripe beauty Mr. Ritts tended to celebrate owed a great deal to the ideals of old Hollywood; lavish, irresistible and lush, it also held none of the dangers that irresistible male beauty would come to symbolize after the appearance of AIDS.

So I was, like, “Hmmm. What’s this book?” First of all, it’s called “The Golden Hour: A Photographer’s Life and His World.” Second of all, it has a foreward by Richard Gere. While I don’t know what exactly qualifies Mr. Gere to write about Herb Ritts, I’m always glad to see that the “American Gigolo” star is keeping busy.

Here’s a description of the book, which comes out later this month, from Rizzoli:

Among the most esteemed and well respected fashion and celebrity portrait photographers, as well as an acclaimed director of music videos, Herb Ritts’ indelible images ranged from Masai warriors and angelic underwear models, to Olympic athletes and one-named superstars.

For THE GOLDEN HOUR, first-time author Charles Churchward, a long-time and distinguished art director at publications including Vogue and Vanity Fair, spent the last five years interviewing Ritts’ family, and scores of his photographic subjects, business associates, curators, staff, closest confidants, and star- spangled friends including Anna Wintour, Madonna, Annie Leibovitz, Cindy Crawford, Elton John, kd lang, Richard Gere, and Christopher Buckley.

So it sounds to me like it will be much more than just a collection of photos and potentially a window into the creative mind of a great photographer.The book can be found on Amazon. The author is signing copies of the book on November 10th at the Clic Gallery in New York.

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