Kid Robocop, "Angels" & China: Daily Photo Feed 10/29

Posted by David Ozanich — 29 Oct 2010


  • This kid's Robocop Halloween costume is making me super jealous. Many more pictures of his trip around Detroit are here. Via The Awl.

  • Those precious white iPhone 4s I know you are so desperately craving are apparently being delayed because of light leaks in the camera.
  • F04 - Cover.jpg

  • T Magazine: "Photography is relevant because it sits at the axis of true, false and fake,'' said Massimo Torrigiani, the Milan-based publisher and editor-at-large behind the year-old magazine Fantom.
  • ANGELS-articleLarge.jpg

  • A brief theater break: Last night the first New York "revival of [Tony] Kushner's two-part masterwork" "Angels in America" opened. The review is here, a slide show of productions stills by Sara Krulwich is here.
  • Bridge-over-troubled-wate-006.jpg

  • A look at Nadav Kander's Yangtze River:

    Kander is a master of what might be called "epic stillness". His large-format camera takes in crowded cityscapes and intimate interiors; the empty, still, rural landscapes of the river's source and the scarred, desolate places where the pace of progress has been relentless and total.
  • And finally, to all who celebrate, Happy Halloween! Here's a rare treat - KISS performing on the "Paul Lynde Halloween Special." Two great tastes, together at last!

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