Photographing the Great Recession

Posted by David Ozanich — 25 Oct 2010


The truly excellent and marvelous radio show ”On the Media” takes a weekly look at the influence of media in our lives. This week they had a superb story and discussion about “Photojournalism and Foreclosure.”

Paul Reyes, author of “Exiles in Eden,” discusses the role of photography in communicating the “emotional weight” of the foreclosure crisis in Florida. He compares the work of today’s photojournalists to the classic images documenting the Great Depression by icons like Dorothea Lange and Walker Evans. He also speaks about it in this piece ”Picturing the Crisis” on the Opinionator blog:

... there is one aspect of the Great Recession that has nevertheless caught the photographer’s eye: foreclosures. And while it remains to be seen if it achieves the social and artistic impact of the Depression-era work, foreclosure photography has already helped define an era that will mark American society for decades to come.

Here’s a slide show featuring examples of foreclosure photography.

Photo by Ellen Brownlee.

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