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Posted by David Ozanich — 6 Oct 2010


  • Hey Australians! “Farrel and Parkin: Topography of a Collaborative Mind” is ongoing until October 17th. The Age describes the show and the duo:

    A large retrospective at Glen Eira City Council Gallery reveals 25 years of inquiry, with a remarkable diversity of images and themes. Curated by Diane Soumilas, it includes film stills, faux-propaganda, allegories and sacred pictures, surgical histories and self-portraiture.

    Working collaboratively, Farrell & Parkin have come up with highly original content through labour-intensive techniques. To produce a single photograph, they think nothing of constructing a world, painting a large scenic backdrop and building life-size sculptures that act as participants in the scene.

    That’s their work “The Young Collective Farmer” above.

  • Just thought this photo by Hiroko Masuike of the installation of John Baldessari’s “Palm Tree/Seascape” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art was neat.
  • 4Floater-cityroom-blogSpan.jpg

  • Trip the light fantastic on the sidewalks of New York: The folks at PetaPixel unearthed the short documentary video below of street photographer Joe Wigfall from a WNYC contest.

  • Paris Fashion Update: Karl Lagerfeld, designer and master photographer debuted his collection to great fanfare. You can check out the frocks, supposedly inspired by the 1961 Resnais film “Last Year in Marienbad” here. The show was also graced by the ”Littlest Chanel Model”, the 2 year old son of model Brad Koenig. Not sure how I feel about the denim on denim look though.


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