Your Daily Photo Feed

Posted by David Ozanich — 15 Oct 2010


  • Photographer Jay Fine snapped this photo of the Statue of Liberty being struck by lightning after waiting two hours through a blustery storm. Fun fact: Lady Liberty gets hit by lightning about 600 times a year. Who knew? The rest of the story and another photo at Metro via Gizmodo.

  • Attention Animal Lovers: The Museum of Animal Perspective is a collection of remotely sensed wildlife imagery.

  • Photographs from, and an “All Things Considered” story about, Noma, the twelve table Copenhagen eatery just voted best restaurant in the world. Recipes, which require all Nordic ingredients, “include such instructions as ‘submerge in liquid nitrogen’ and ‘load a spray paint gun’ in the ‘Snowman’ recipe — undoubtedly some of the more esoteric directions this food season.”

  • ”How to Take Great Autumn Photos” over at Photography Blog.

  • Fourteen photos by the Beijing-based Mao Brothers are on view until November 6th at the Duncan Miller gallery in Los Angeles. The LA Times says their “work in sculpture, photography and performance sometimes subtly and sometimes sensationalistically challenges the Chinese status quo.” That’s their 2002 photo “Two Girls and Nine Boys” below.


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