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Posted by David Ozanich — 26 Oct 2010


  • Those wacky Germans at Der Spiegel are loving this picture of a “Breakfast at Tiffanys” dog costume and it seemed mean not to pass it along to you, gentle reader.

  • The Financial Times suggests the reason Annie Leibovitz is so far in the hole (to a tune of about $24 million) is that no one wants to buy her high-priced photos of celebrities because of their “distinctively American taste.” Gawker takes it a step further, saying “the mystery of Annie Leibovitz’s financial collapse solved: nobody likes her pictures!”

  • Joao Silva, a war photographer for the New York Times embedded with American soldiers in Afghanistan, was seriously wounded after stepping on a land mine.

  • In cheerier news from the Times, they have a really spectacular 85-picture slide show celebrating 106 years of the subway. Truly, this is really, really cool. Below a picture of the fictional Coney Island gang “The Warriors” just because they are awesome.
  • warriors.jpg

  • Also worth checking out are these hysterical photos from the Wall Street Journal of people playing the make-believe game of Quidditch from “Harry Potter.”

  • Better Travel Photography is launching two new photo tours of Southeast Asia for 2011.

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