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Posted by David Ozanich — 27 Oct 2010


  • Some news out of Spain via PetaPixel: The Photographic Association of Toledo “enlisted the help of 50 association photographers who strolled around the city firing off their flashes multiple times per minute. The resulting photograph was illuminated by over 3000 flashes covering 100K square meters.” That’s it just above.

  • The Sprocket Rocket camera sounds pretty neat and not just because it has a great name.

  • More banned ads, this time in England. Sexy, homoerotic priests will no longer be shilling for an ice cream brand. The pregnant nun one is also deemed offensive.
  • icecream_01.jpg

  • Advice on “Creating the Strongest Portfolio” from Photo Argus.

  • The Big Picture Blog highlights Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


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