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Posted by David Ozanich — 28 Oct 2010


  • There was a rainbow over New York City yesterday and lots of people noticed. Shots here, here, and here. Reports on it being a “freaking double rainbow” went unconfirmed.

    Update: It WAS a Double Rainbow as these photos and video from Gothamist prove! Exciting! (Photographic evidence below by John Huntington.)

  • 2010_10_dr1.jpg

  • Lots of fancy people and famous artists turned out for the Whitney Museum’s annual gala as you can see in these pictures.
  • 26Oct3_0.jpg

  • White House photographer Pete Souza picks his 10 favorite images of the Obama presidency on the first anniversary of their “Photo of the Day” feature. He’ll be doing a live video chat and answering questions at 7pm (Eastern time) today.

  • Ansel Adams, street photographer? Rare photos of 1940s Los Angeles were unearthed at the Los Angeles Public Library.

    Although well-respected by the 1930s, the famous landscape photographer could not have sustained his Sierra series, for example, if it were not supplemented by commercial work. According to the Ansel Adams Gallery: "Clients ran the gamut, including the Yosemite concessionaire ... Kodak, Zeiss, IBM, AT&T, a small women's college, a dried fruit company, and Life, Fortune ... in short, everything from portraits to catalogues to Coloramas."

    More examples can be found on this Flickr page. That’s the famed Brown Derby below, via Atomic Photo.

  • 113813781_2d61bf1d8a.jpg

  • Photographer Graham Turner has tips on capturing the fall colors from the Guardian’s Camera Club.

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