Better Homes & Drag Queens

Posted by David Ozanich — 3 Nov 2010

And who said journalism was dead? The Los Angeles Times turns their newspaper-real-estate-section eye to Jackie Beat, a renowned LA drag queen:

From the curb, it looks like just another 1949 California ranch house. But walk past the plastic skulls planted in the flower bed several Halloweens ago and the American flag rippling in the breeze, and there it is, in your face: a lipstick-red front door monogrammed with a gold J and B. Jackie Beat, queen of all queens in Los Angeles' drag circuit, has dressed up a once-boring Highland Park bungalow as a palace of vintage style, a house that throws on a wig and a gown 365 days a year.

I could tell you that I’ve been planning to post more about architecture and interior design photography - which I am! - but that would be pointless in the face of this journalistic coup. Really I just wanted to share a few achingly glamorous shots of a drag queen at home. The framed “Golden Girls” cast photo is PRICELESS. So is that unicorn mirror. Check out the whole 23(!) frame slide show which comes with captions explaining the high art of drag queen home design.

Photos by Ricardo DeAratanha.




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