JFK, WWII, French Vogue: Daily Photo Feed 11/29

Posted by David Ozanich — 29 Nov 2010


  • NPR's Weekend Edition Saturday investigated the story behind an iconic WWII photograph which is the basis for a new book "The Boy: A Holocaust Story":

    The look of terror and confusion blankets a young boy's face as he raises his arms in surrender to a German soldier pointing a gun at him.

    The image, captured in a photograph during World War II, has been seared into the minds and souls of millions since it was seen. But the identity of the little boy -- his thin, fragile legs visible beneath a long coat -- remains unknown.

  • For those who still haven't had their fill of Turkey, a Thanksgiving Day Parade slideshow from the New York Times. Another one, by Bill Cunningham, also looks at the parade as well as the style of those attending.

  • Notorious photographer of the naughty, naughty "Glee" photos, Terry Richardson, has a feature in the Tom Ford-edited issue of French Vogue.

  • PDN goes "Inside the Bestseller List: Top Photo Books of 2010" just in time for Cyber Monday.

  • The Photo Attorney has customizable contracts and release forms for photographers available for download on the website which should save you the cost of hiring a lawyer while still keeping you legally safe.

  • There seems to be an endless amount of "never-before-seen" and "lost" photos of the Kennedy White House. How they have been lost for 50 years is beyond me, but I sure enjoy looking at them. Today, the Big Picture Blog has a cache of unpublished ones courtesy LIFE magazine and the JFK Library which are part of a $10 million project to digitize the archives. Below, photographer Paul Schutzer turns his camera on his fellow shutterbugs on the 1960 campaign trail.


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