Middle-Aged Barbie, Google Street View, Philosophers: Daily Photo Feed 11/2

Posted by David Ozanich — 2 Nov 2010


  • "Iseeyou" by Michael Wolf at the Bruce Silverstein Gallery just went on view:

    Professionally uninterested in Paris, one of his current cities of residence, photographer Michael Wolf began trolling Google Street View for a new perspective on the over-exposed city. On Street View, Wolf located moments when day-to-day life surprises, and his acts of digital voyeurism bring subjectivity and subtlety to Google’s overwhelming, problematic attempt to recreate the world online.

    A gallery of the images and more at The Morning News. The show is open until December 24th.

  • “I have spent almost a quarter century photographing philosophers.” If that sentence excites you, you’ll love Steve Pyke’s ”Philosophers Through the Lens.”

    Our museums are filled with busts and paintings of long-forgotten wealth and beauty instead of the philosophers who have so influenced contemporary politics and society. My aim in this project has been the modest one of making sure that, for this era at least, there is some record of the philosophers.

    This gallery of his imagery also has insights into the individual philosophers he photographed.

  • How to Shoot Neon Lights from Pop Photo.
  • alg_mcrib1.jpg

  • And now a brief culinary break:”Return of McDonald’s beloved McRib sandwich is like a unicorn sighting” trumpets the Daily News. For the first time in nearly two decades, the infamous rib-shaped meat sandwich is available starting today at all McDonald’s locations in the United States. Just thought I should perform the public service and let you know.

  • Finally after a day of perusing Halloween costumes online, these two are my favorites: Jersey Shore Babies and Gawker’s costume contest winner Middle-Aged Barbie.


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