National Geographic, the Russian Empire, WWII Amsterdam: Daily Photo Feed 11/22

Posted by David Ozanich — 22 Nov 2010


  • The Big Picture blog gets a preview of National Geographic's annual photo contest. They've collected some of their favorite images from the three categories of People, Places, and Nature. FYI, the contest is open until November 30th so now's the time to enter if that so suits you. Above is Central Hong Kong in a photograph by Michael Siward.

  • "Bizarre and frightening" faked photos.
  • slide_13646_186303_huge.jpg

  • Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii (try saying that three times fast!) traveled around Russia on a specially-equipped train car from 1909-1915 taking these rare color photographs of the soon-to-be vanishing Empire. The Huffington Post explains, "Using a special technique that captured three black and white photographs in succession, the pictures could then be combined using red, green and blue filters to create realistic color. The result is vivid photographs that look startlingly modern."
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  • Amsterdam artist and historical consultant Jo Teeuwisse creates ghostly images by combining WWII photographs with modern day scenes.

  • Bridget Fleming, a New York transplant via Australia, is undertaking a project to document all 200 streets in downtown Manhattan. This weekend, the New York Times profiled Bridget and her project:

    The images combine the flavor of vérité photography from popular street style blogs like "The Sartorialist" and "Street Peeper" with Ms. Fleming's experience in the world of commercial photography. The subjects often suggest props and styling ideas, and sometimes nominate someone they know to be her next victim.

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