Playboy, Scissor Sisters, Distant Galaxies: Daily Photo Feed 11/10

Posted by David Ozanich — 10 Nov 2010


  • Super awesome pop rock group Scissor Sisters will curate a Robert Mapplethorpe show at the Alison Jacques Gallery in London next year. Titled "Filthy/Gorgeous" after one of their tracks, the show will examine "his influence on younger artists such as Matthew Barney and Gillian Wearing." The spandex-clad butt on the cover of their current album "Night Work" is a 1980 image by Mapplethorpe titled "Peter Reed."

  • On December 8th (just in time for the holidays!), Christie's is holding an auction called "The Year of the Rabbit" with material from the archives of Playboy magazine. Says the AP:

    The sale includes 80 photographs, more than a dozen contemporary works and 24 cartoons. Among them are a photograph of comedian Dan Aykroyd in a conehead costume with a bunny-suited [Pamela] Anderson, a photo of the magazine's 1953 debut cover of [Marilyn] Monroe, an early 1960s shot of sex kitten Brigitte Bardot and three Alberto Vargas pinup girl watercolor and pencil illustration boards. The auction's top draw is expected to be an iconic, sexually charged oil of a scarlet-lipstick mouth by pop artist Tom Wesselmann. Portraits of Duke Ellington and Dennis Hopper and a Herb Ritts photo of Elle Macpherson are also for sale.

    The Huffington Post has a slideshow featuring some of the works for sale like the 1993 Stephen Wayda photo below.

  • slide_13083_177918_large.jpg

  • Photographer and artist Marc Horowitz is spending the month of November taking the advice of strangers.

  • The Age takes a look at The Tie Project in which Melbourne artist Richard Blue takes a daily self-portrait and posts it to his blog:

    There's more to the daily photo than a change of neckwear. Each photograph is accompanied by a suggestive title that further subverts the anonymity of the suit. Titles have included "The Kind of Tie an Otherwise Conservative Businessman Might Wear to the Opera"; "The Kind of Tie an Indie Kid Might Wear on a First Date"; and the cryptic "There are Parts of Me That Don't Get Nervous".
  • A cool photo of the distant galaxy NGC 4452 from the Hubble space telescope. From the Daily Mail via The Awl which accuses it of being a "skinny bitch galaxy trying to show us up."

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