Prince William, Page 3 Girls, Sunburns, Don't Ask Don't Tell: Daily Photo Feed 11/16

Posted by David Ozanich — 16 Nov 2010


  • Lots of new out of merry olde England today! First up, and apropos of nothing, Prince William is getting married!!!! ZOMG! As one who read with rapturous pleasure the Tina Brown epic "The Diana Chronicles" this is very exciting news and a good excuse to post this picture of the happy couple.

  • In equally exciting news, Rupert Murdoch is taking his (ahem) "prestigious" newspaper The Sun into the 21st century. Forty years after introducing the "Page 3 girl" - a topless beauty who graces the rag's third page - The Sun has made the feature INTERACTIVE!!! Now you can see the model in a 360 degree view on your iPad. Who says technology isn't saving the world?

    The photographer, Beverly Goodway, has "spent more than 63,000 hours in a studio with topless beauties, many of whom went on to fame and fortune, such as Jordan, Sam Fox, Melinda Messenger and Linda Lusardi." Goodway goes on to say, "I've always said the sexy thing about Page 3 isn't that she's got her top off, it's the look in her eyes." OK, then. Sure. (Site NSFW)

  • And for a final item out of Britain, The Awl brought to my attention this awesome photo of two horses about to get sexy with each other from The Telegraph.
  • 10.11.15sunburn.jpg

  • NPR interviews photographer Chris McCaw about his "Sunburn" series.

    Using his home-built large-format cameras, McCaw's images track the movement of the sun across the sky with exposures ranging from about 2 to 8 hours in length. He uses black-and-white print paper instead of traditional negative film in his cameras -- which include a 20x24" and a 30x40" -- and the long, direct-sunlight exposures create positives, or truly solarized images. And because the sun is so highly focused, the paper actually burns, leaving gashes and streaks across the images

    More on Chris McCaw's series at his website.

  • CNN talks to photographer Jeff Sheng about his "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" photo series. "... two years in the making, [it] conveys the stories of the gay and bisexual men and women who serve in the U.S. military. And because his subjects are forced to keep their sexual orientations under wraps in order to serve, Shen's photos are portraits without faces." The exhibit is currently on view in Washington DC at the Human Rights Campaign headquarters.

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