Racehorses, iPhones, Euro Wildlife Photographer of the Year: Daily Photo Feed 11/12

Posted by David Ozanich — 12 Nov 2010


  • I love looking at the Daily Mail's The World Today in Pictures. This shot of a racehorse on a New Orlean's track in the early morning fog caught my eye today.

  • Famed film producer Dino de Laurentiis died on Wednesday at 91. NPR has a good slideshow with images from his storied career.

  • An iPhone photo tour of New York proves a good eye is better than any fancy camera when it comes to capturing memorable images.

  • The Guardian's photography columnist Sean O'Hagan introduces us to Robert Bergman whose "street portraits of unidentified Americans have been compared to the Old Masters."

  • Untitled-image-of-a-woman-001.jpg
  • Der Spiegel reportsGerman-born photographer Britta Jaschinski won European Wildlife Photographer of the Year "for her image of a startled cheetah against the bleak, ash-grey backdrop of the aftermath of a bush fire in Ndutu, Tanzania." They go on to say:

    Normally, a bush fire like that would be a blessing for a cheetah because it would make it easier for him to hunt for confused and frightened potential prey.

    "But this cheetah looks unsettled, strange and lost -- almost ghostly," says Jaschinksi. "I took the photo and then watched as he disappeared into the scorched surroundings."

    Judges awared prizes in nine further categories including birds, mammals, plants and funghi, landscapes, underwater and man and nature. British photographer Paul Hobson received first prize in the man and nature category for his photo of a bird nesting in a set of traffic lights.

    A nifty gallery featuring several of the finalists' images is here.


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