Richard Nickel in Chicago, Guy Bourdin in New York: Daily Photo Feed 11/19

Posted by David Ozanich — 19 Nov 2010


  • The Art Institute of Chicago announced that they'll be receiving over 15,000 items from the collection of architecture photographer Richard Nickel. Known for documenting major builders of the Chicago School of Architecture the archive includes negatives, photographs and contact sheets. Nickel even died while working, killed in a 1972 accident during the demolition of the Chicago Stock Exchange Building. More from the Chicago Tribune.

  • Modern Art Notes raves about the "Hide/Seek" show at the National Portrait Gallery.
  • Screen-shot-2010-11-18-at-12.05.08-PM.jpg

  • The Awl brings us "The Annotated White House Flickr Feed".

  • "21 Interesting Images of Street Photography" courtesy the Photo Argus.

  • A new show of photographs by famed fashion photographer Guy Bourdin at the French Embassy in New York is reason for T Magazine to chat up his son, Samuel. He describes his father's Paris studio:

    The studio was magic. More like an atelier or a movie set. Props everywhere to build all kinds of intricate mises en scène. The construction, setup and final photo sessions could take a few days. It just had to be perfect. The studio was a spacious and  lively place. The Jewish Deli Goldenberg just around the corner on Rue des Rosiers. A sort of Union Square Andy Warhol factory, but without the drug alternative scene and the mass media exposure.

    Speaking of Andy Warhol, Interview Magazine, meanwhile, takes a look at the new book collecting Bourdin's work "In Between." The image below is from a 1970 edition of Vogue Paris.

Guy Bourdin 1.jpg

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