Shark Steals Camera, Madonna, Henri Cartier-Bresson: Daily Photo Feed 11/11

Posted by David Ozanich — 11 Nov 2010


  • W Magazine takes a photographic look at the "new normal" in families. That's Madonna and her daughter Lourdes above. (Warning: the first photo in the slide show has bare breasts so it's a little NSFW - but it's arty so you can probably get away with it.)

  • Street photographer Bill Cunningham looks at what's happening in fashion as Indian Summer shifts to Autumn. (Spoiler Alert: Layering!) In related news, apparently the turban is "making a glamorous comeback."

  • Photographer Bruce Bennett captures "New York as you've never seen it before."

  • A review of the "Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Modern Century" show at SF MoMA from the San Francisco Chronicle: "Visitors who do not yet know Cartier-Bresson's work - or do not realize how often they have seen it - will find an education here, not only in photo history but also in the timing and the judgment of framing, position and occasion that make unforgettable pictures possible."

  • Here is a picture of a shark stealing a camera from "a petrified photographer during an underwater diving expedition in the Bahamas. After photographer Karin Brussaard took several photos, the shark decided enough was enough and grabbed the equipment in its jaws before swimming off." Via The Telegraph.


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