Garry Gross, Fashion and Dog Photographer, Dies at 73

Posted by David Ozanich — 7 Dec 2010


Fashion photographer Garry Gross has died at the age of 73. Though his work was featured in such magazines as GQ, Cosmopolitan and New York, he is mostly known for his photographs of a 10-year old Brooke Shields bathing naked in a tub. Taken in 1975 before she was famous, Shields later sued to stop him from distributing them. The case ended up before the New York State Court of Appeals where, in a split decision, Gross won the right to continue selling the photos.


That controversy, however, negatively affected his fashion career and he then turned to dog training and "museum quality" dog portraiture. He used traditional fashion photography techniques to capture the "special communication that only a dog's gaze can convey."

He also shot Lou Reed for the cover of his album "The Bells." More from the New York Times.


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