Great Portraits, More Gift Ideas, Camera Deals: Daily Photo Feed 12/9

Posted by David Ozanich — 9 Dec 2010

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  • The gift guides keep on coming. Today the Personal Tech column in the Times presents "Gift Ideas for Photo Hobbyists? It's a Snap". While I'm not exactly crazy for the twee headline, I think many of you will find some great ideas for your own list to Santa or for what to get your fellow photogs. Suggestions range from books on digital photography to lavish National Geographic expeditions led by professionals. But here's a bit of free advice:

    The best photo accessory, said Mr. Hobby, is one that almost everyone has, but forgets to use: an alarm clock. "The best pictures are made by other people when you are still being lazy in bed," he said. "Things that look ordinary in the bright flat light of noon look magical at dusk and dawn."
  • And speaking of National Geographic, they have collected the best wallpapers of 2010. Those are wallpapers for your computer, not your parlor.
  • The Observer picks the 10 best photographic portraits and it's certainly an intriguing list.
  • Photography Bay has news that you can get a Panasonic G10 (with lens) for a $349.
  • Some advice on starting your photographic business.
  • Check out our interview with JPG Member Francesco Scipioni here.
  • Too great not to pass on, check out these paintings by Denis Peterson that look exactly like photographs. Truly, these are unreal. "Opening Day at Saratoga" is below.

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