John Lennon, Cameras, Greenpeace: Daily Photo Feed 12/8

Posted by David Ozanich — 8 Dec 2010


  • The photo above is 30 years old today. It was taken by Annie Leibovitz in 1980, the morning of the day John Lennon was assassinated.

  • Here are a bunch of photos from Art Basel Miami.

  • Photography Blog has a chance for you to win a lomography camera.

  • The Sony A55 is named "camera of the year" by Pop Photo.

  • Gizmodo reports that the Impossible Project is resurrecting three Polaroid camera models: "The three models that are being brought back to life are the original SX-70, the Rainbow OneStep, and the Sun 660 Sonar. They span three decades of Polaroid development between 1972 and 1990, and each has been hand-inspected and retooled to work like new again."

  • Greenpeace submerged iconic world sites and buildings in the seas of Cancun today during United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Via MSNBC's Photoblog.


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