Kodachromes, Times Square, Jake Shears: Daily Photo Feed 12/3

Posted by David Ozanich — 3 Dec 2010


  • PopWrap previews Tom Hailand's new photo book "One Day in the Life of Jake Shears," the Scissor Sisters frontman. It's a follow up to a similar book spotlighting Daniel Radcliffe during his days performing "Equus." It won't be out until February 2011 but you can pre-order here. Also on tap are photo books following singer Rufus Wainwright and rugby star Gareth Thomas.

  • Here is a website devoted entirely to pictures of Kim Jong-il looking at things.

  • Remember that NYU professor who implanted a camera in the back of his head so he could live-stream the photos to a museum in Qatar? Well today the Wall Street Journal catches up with Wafaa Bilal to see how he's doing. In what might be the understatement of the day, he says having a camera implanted in his head is "uncomfortable for sure." For the first time, he describes the process of adding a third eye:

    Performed not at a hospital, but at a piercing studio that specializes in body modification, it was nevertheless a "serious operation," Mr. Bilal said.

    Following an incision, three titanium plates, each with a post attached, were inserted underneath a large flap of skin on the back of Mr. Bilal's skull. The skin was then reattached, concealing the plates but not the posts. The base for the 10-megapixel camera, which is just under two inches in diameter and features automatic adjustment and color, was then screwed onto the posts.

    The Journal has a slideshow documenting the procedure if that's the sort of thing you're curious about.

  • SwanLake_WEB.jpg

  • Ever been to Times Square? If so, I bet you took a picture. The New York Historical Society is soliciting photos taken by "everyone, from serious amateur photographers to tourists." They are looking for "digital photographs of contemporary Times Square from West 42nd to 47th Streets at Broadway or Seventh Avenue. Photographers should look to capture exterior architecture, outdoor portraits, group snapshots, billboards and advertisements and interior images of notable area buildings." Details and such here. (Via Photography Blog, picture of Times Square and swans via Epoch Times.)

  • William Christenberry has a new book called called "Kodachrome", and yes, that means I've been humming the Paul Simon song all morning. The New Yorker pages through the new tome:

    The book showcases a large body of previously unknown work that Christenberry shot on 35-mm. Kodachrome film between 1964 to 2007. Freed from his usual, bulkier large-format camera , Christenberry explores the rural Deep South, specifically around his hometown of Hale County, Alabama.

    They've put together a slideshow which includes images like "Horseshoe Liquor Store, Beale Street, Memphis, Tennessee, 1966" seen below.


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