London Darkrooms, Lego Tableaus, Christmas: Daily Photo Feed 12/28

Posted by David Ozanich — 28 Dec 2010


  • Here's hoping everyone who celebrates Christmas had a lovely holiday. JPG favorite the Big Picture blog has selections of Christmas around the world. Above, the Berlin Seals in a photo by Sean Gallup. By the way, they are asking for your submissions, too - maybe you too can be part of the Big Picture.

  • Firebrand columnist Maureen Dowd discusses the nature of art in her piece about the relationship between Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe.

  • T Magazine features Alex Eylar who has been photographing Lego tableaus of famous scenes from cinema. Below is his recreation of "The Exorcist." You can see more of his work on his Flickr account.
  • exorcist.jpg

  • This is for you analog lovers who have yet to embrace the digital era: The Guardian reviews the work of Richard Nicholson who has been photographing commercial darkrooms since 2006.

    The coming of the digital camera has swept all before it, making the whole process of photography simpler, less labour-intensive, less costly and more technically creative. But as has been the case with music production, something has also been lost along the way, something intangible but powerful that the music writer Greg Milner called "presence": the human element in the production of sound and images.

    His work is part of the show "Analog" at the Riflemaker gallery in London which looks to find the "human ghost in the machine." Below is BDI, one of London's last darkrooms.


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