Michele Iverson, Nadav Kander, Ansel Adams, Bill Cunningham: Daily Photo Feed 12/20

Posted by David Ozanich — 20 Dec 2010


  • Kurt Anderson's Studio 360, a fine and wonderful radio show, interviewed photographer Michele Iverson. "But she's not your average street photographer. At night she sits in her car and watches the warm glowing windows of strangers' homes, waiting for the perfect shot." Listen below and click here to see some examples of her work, like shot above, "Night Surveillance Series," Untitled no. 63. Pasadena, CA, 1996.

  • Speaking of radio, the BBC's arts and culture show, The Strand, featured an interview this weekend with famed photographer Nadav Kander.

    Taken over a three-year period, Kander's Yangtze River photographs speak of a China in the process of radical change, and of man's futility and subjugation of the natural world in the pursuit of development. Now the object of an exhibition entitled "Yangtze, the Long River", at the M97 gallery in Shanghai until the 31st of December, the pictures were also imbued with his own personal emotions, as he explains to Harriett Gilbert.
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  • The curious case of the "lost" Ansel Adams pictures continues with a new twist. Rick Norsigian, the man who found a box of glass plate negatives at a garage sale, has filed a countersuit against Ansel Adams Publishing Rights Trust in federal court:

    Mr. Norsigian argues in his countersuit that the trust slandered him and engaged in a civil conspiracy. The slander case arises from comments made by William Turnage, the managing trustee, who told CNN that the authentication effort was the work of "a bunch of crooks" and likened it to the "big lie" technique of the Nazi propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels.
  • The National Gallery of Canada is supporting artist and photographer AA Bronson in his quest to have his photograph of his lover's corpse removed from the Smithsonian's "Hide/Seek" show after another work was censored for being "anti-Christian." More from the Arts Beat blog.
  • Tonight there will be a complete lunar eclipse visible to everyone in North America. Of particular note, this will be the first time it's occurred on the Winter Solstice since 1638.
  • Any regular reader of this column knows I adore New York Times street photographer Bill Cunningham. They're finally letting me embed his deliciously narrated street-style fashion slideshows here. I will celebrate by doing just that. This week the subject is Santa and black.

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